Ultramarine Films has built a reputation for itself as a top-tier producer of documentaries that delve into diverse subjects, including culture, people, and sports. These documentaries have reached a wide audience through partnerships with several prominent media networks and clients, including KIA, Qatar National Day, Al Rayyan TV, NBC, BeIn Sports, and Discovery Channel.

Since its inception, Ultramarine Films has produced a number of acclaimed documentaries. Among them is the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ – Road to Inspiration, a KIA documentary that showcases Qatar’s eight stadiums and the country’s inherent beauty. Additionally, the company produced Qatar’s first feature-length documentary film, “Young Sons of the Desert,” which gained recognition after it premiered at the Al Jazeera Documentary Festival in 2013. Ultramarine Films has also created six documentary films for Qatar National Day, including “Ayamna,” “Sons of the Sea,” and “Barzan.”

The production company’s portfolio extends to the action-packed, character-driven series “Lekhwiya,” which aired on Al Rayyan TV, and features Qatar’s best-trained men and women in the internal security service. Ultramarine Films has also worked with the Olympic Channel on notable sports documentaries, such as “Generation Rise” and “Athletes Under Fire,” which were broadcast on NBC, BeIn Sports, and Discovery Channel. Moreover, Ultramarine Films has produced the National Geographic Channel documentary “Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator,” a stunning exploration of the Southern Ocean’s hidden depths in Australia.

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