360° Filming

Viewed on a mobile device, via social media or through a VR headset, a 360 video is filmed from all angles simultaneously – meaning you are placed within the scene and can look all around you, similar to a VR experience. What differentiates it from VR is the fixed point of view. With 360 video production, you see what the camera can see, giving you three degrees of freedom, whereas, in a VR experience, you can walk around a space as if you’re there.

Ultramarine Films provides complete 360 filming services throughout Qatar and the MENA region; utilizing the latest omnidirectional 360 camera systems to provide a truly immersive & engaging viewing experience.

360 storytelling techniques can be very different to traditional 2D filmmaking, so we take great care to pre-plan all projects from start to finish. We develop, storyboard, film and post-produce all 360 projects in-house.

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