Ultramarine Films is one of a select few production companies officially licensed by Qatari authorities to provide complete location filming services within Qatar for all variants of video and film production, including: broadcast, documentary, commercial, advertorial, news, sports, online and film.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Qatar’s production scene ensures that Ultramarine Films clients will always be offered production plans that are reliable, cost effective and efficiently produced. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provision of specialist crew across all sectors of production
  • Provision of high specification production equipment (camera / lighting / audio / grips)
  • Provision of industry leading post-production services (offline / online / audio)
  • Creative services including development, scripting, music composition & performance
  • Casting services
  • Location scouting and permit services
  • Transport services
  • Customs services for import / export of production equipment
  • Qatar entry services for production cast and crew
  • Hospitality services for production cast and crew

ESPN Series: Last Train To Qatar

Leading up to the FIFA World Cup, ESPN presents “Last Train to Qatar”, an eight-episode series that will explore the host country through the eyes of ESPN International reporter Martin Ainstein.

Each episode will feature stories related not only to this world class event but also to the wonders of Qatar. Stadiums, culture, food, touristic places, historic sites, local businesses, music, the Qatari’s lifestyle and more.

Last Train to Qatar is a global content initiative produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin for fans across ESPN networks around the world (USA, Latin America, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, India and China).

With our dedicated crew, locations support, and equipment, Ultramarine Films is proud to be a part of this exciting project!

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