How to host family and friends during the FIFA World Cup

Stadium 974 – Hero Film

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
SC Film Production Unit
Ultramarine Films Embedded Team
Duration: 60 Sec

The most anticipated sports event of the year has finally arrived, and it is an honor for Ultramarine Films to record one of the stadiums that has become the buzz of the town. This year’s FIFA World Cup 2022™ will bring together national teams and supporters from all over the world to see not only the athletic competition but also the most cutting-edge architectural designs of the stadiums in Qatar.

The 974 Stadium, which is on the shoreline of the Gulf and just opposite Doha’s breathtaking West Bay buildings, is just as historically significant as the event itself. It got its name from the three-character country code for Qatar as well as the number of ship containers used for its construction. The 974 Stadium depicts sustainability and symbolizes Qatar’s long history of global trade and maritime activity. Get ready to be awestruck by one of the world’s newest and spectacular stadiums: The 974 Stadium.

Qatar Airways Trophy