How to host family and friends during the FIFA World Cup

Fan Engagement Film – Cafu

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
SC Film Production Unit
Ultramarine Films Embedded Team
Duration: 60 Sec

Immerse yourself in the world of football alongside the iconic Brazilian footballer, Cafu, as he radiates unparalleled enthusiasm for his pivotal role in the historic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Cafu’s unwavering devotion to football is a testament to its immense significance in his life, symbolizing joy, passion, and the very essence of existence. Recognizing that the heart and soul of the game reside within its fans, Cafu emphasizes their vital energy and unwavering support as the driving forces that breathe life into football. His deep-rooted belief in the unifying power of the sport becomes a guiding light, inspiring fans across the globe to unite in a collective celebration of the beautiful game.

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