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Al Thumama Stadium – Hero Film

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
SC Film Production Unit
Ultramarine Films Embedded Team
Duration: 60 Sec

Ultramarine Films is excited to introduce the AI Thumama Stadium, a gahfiya-inspired stadium that represents the goals and aspirations of Qatar’s younger generation as well as the country’s growth as a global sports force. The gahfiya is a type of traditional woven headwear that has been worn by men and boys across the Middle East for decades.

This distinctive, circular shape of the stadium is inspired by the gahfiya which denotes the transition of every young boy into manhood as well as the beginning of a new degree of independence and dignity in Arab households. Al Thumama Stadium, located 12 km south of  Doha’s magnificent cityscape, will host matches up to and including the quarter finals of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

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