How to host family and friends during the FIFA World Cup

Al Bayt Stadium – Hero Film

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Duration: 60 Sec

As a proud partner of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Ultramarine Films is thrilled to feature one of the stadiums that exemplifies Qatar’s home, tradition, and hospitality: The Al Bayt Stadium. The nomadic tents called bayt al sha’ar were the inspiration for the stadium’s name. With the same warmth and open arms as the rest of Qatar, Al Bayt Stadium invites visitors from all over the world to enjoy the country’s traditional culture.

It is located in Al Khor, a city well-known for its pearl diving and fishing; its allure drew desert-dwelling residents to the shore. Al Khor’s capacity to bring cultures together made it the suitable choice to host a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stadium seating up to 60,000 people.

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