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Equipment Services

Since Ultramarine Films was established in Qatar, we have helped to facilitate a wide variety of shoots spanning broadcast, commercial, corporate, documentary, drama, and everything in between.

Founded by working filmmakers, Ultramarine Films approaches kit like filmmakers, and we maintain a bespoke inventory of high-quality broadcast equipment available for hire.

We believe our commitment to cutting edge digital cinema technology, our advice and overall approach to production – including our rates – can help you to strike that tricky balance between cost and creativity.

Our client base is as broad ranging as the people making films. We work with advertising and digital agencies, broadcasters, design agencies, post-production companies, marketing agencies as well as production companies.

Selected equipment includes items below, please get in touch for a complete list:

• Camera Vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban x 2
• Camera Systems: ARRI Mini, ARRI Alexa, Sony F-55 (complete kits including batteries & memory)
• Lenses: Zeiss 15.5-45mm PL, Zeiss 70-200mm PL, Duclos 10-16mm PL, Canon L-Series range
• Lighting: LitePanel 1×1 Bicolour, ARRI Skypanel, ARRI M8, Dedo Soft Head Kit
• Sound: Sound Devices 744T, 633, Sennheiser EW112 kits, Sennheiser EM100 kits
• Grip: ABC 9m crane system, ABC dolly, Easyrig, Ronford-Baker support, O’Conner support
• Drone: DJI Inspire 2 Professional
• Underwater: Canon 5DmkIV Ikelite System